Two Bears Killed in Smokies

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The latest Smokies Cub Report from the Great Smoky Mountains Association is reporting that two bears have been killed in the park this month.

The report states that:

At least two bears were hit by motor vehicles and killed in the park this October. Many of these tragedies can be prevented if motorists obey posted speed limits and drive cautiously.

The GSMA also goes on to warn motorists that:

Very sudden appearances of bear, deer, elk, bobcat, or falling rocks are always a possibility in the national park.

The Cub Report also mentions that the Little River and Jakes Creek trailheads are now open. The GSMA also urges visitors to check out the restoration project of the Appalachian Clubhouse in Elkmont. The facility will be available for day use for events like meetings, reunions, and receptions next year.


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Modern Marvel said...

What a shame. Every time we visit, I am annoyed at the high speeds I see through the park. It's a beautiful place, and we need to remember that we are mere visitors--those bears, for instance, call it home. Be careful everybody!