Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Numerous Rescues conducted in Shenandoah

This morning's NPS Digest is reporting that Shenandoah National Park conducted four major rescues during this past fall color season:

* A 66-year-old man fell from the summit of Little Stony Man, sustaining head injuries. Park Police assisted in the operation, using their hoist helicopter for the rescue and transporting the man to the hospital.

* A 24-year-old woman broke her ankle on Old Rag Mountain. Winds were too erratic to utilize the USPP hoist, so a technical ground rescue was undertaken. Fortunately, the winds stabilized and USPP was able to extricate the woman just before sunset, eliminating the need for a lengthy and hazardous night rescue.

* A 46-year-old woman broke her ankle on the Cedar Run trail, requiring a lengthy night rescue operation.

* A 40-year-old woman sustained a knee injury on Old Rag Mountain. Winds did not permit the USPP helicopter to assist in the operation, so a lengthy, 12-hour technical rescue and carryout was conducted utilizing 30 responders.

The NPS also states that all major rescue operations in Shenandoah are conducted utilizing personnel from all divisions as well as several cooperating organizations. The USPP aviation program has been a great asset for the park’s rescue operations by reducing the need for hazardous technical ground evacuations as well as improving patient care through much more timely transportation to hospital care.

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