Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The South’s Best Kept Secret

The latest issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine includes an article about the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, which they call the "South’s Best Kept Secret".

Carol Borneman, an interpreter for the park, is quoted in the article as saying, “We have everything that the Smokies has — except the crowds.”

The article provides for a quick overview of the park steeped in early-American history. It also provides several suggestions for hiking and backpacking trips.

One of the hikes they mention is to the White Rocks Overlook on the eastern end of the park, a place that I've hiked to twice. A stiff climb up the Ewing Trail from Civitan Park provides for some outstanding panoramic views. Looking south provides views into the farm lands of Virginia, while a peer to the north looks over the rolling hills of Kentucky.

Another cool hike we did on a couple of occasions was to Tri-State Peak. It's one of the relatively rare places where a person can stand in three different states at one time: Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia. Tri-State Peak was also the place where I saw hoar frost for the first time.

To read the article please click here. For more information on hiking in the park, please click here.


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