McKittrick Canyon in the Fall

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Several weeks ago I posted a couple of reports about our hikes up Guadalupe Peak and to the Devils Hall during our visit to Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas this past September.

A blogger from Midland, Texas happened to see both those postings and commented that he enjoyed seeing what "outsiders" had to say about the national park just down the highway from him. He mentioned that he was planning a three-day backpacking trip in the Guadalupe Mountains in late October to enjoy the fall colors of McKittrick Canyon. I invited him to send a link to his report so that I could see and read about that section of the park that I missed on my visit.

McKittrick Canyon in the fall is considered by many to be the most beautiful spot in Texas. The canyon is renowned for the breathtaking fall color displays. Unlike most of the rest of the park, which is predominantly arid desert, the upper reaches of McKittrick Canyon is considered to be a riparian woodland oasis, containing pine, oak and maple trees.

Earlier this week, Steven from MyLifeOutdoors sent me the report he promised from several weeks ago.

Starting from the Pine Springs Visitor Center, Steven's three day trek took him up the Tejas Trail, over "The Notch," and then down into McKittrick Canyon, logging 16.5 miles along the way.

Steven has an excellent write-up. He also as several photographs that provide for an excellent visual documentation of his adventures. To read his article, please click here. You can also click here to see a map of the route he took.