Sunday, May 17, 2009

Discovery Channel: Out of the Wild

Has anybody been watching Out of the Wild on the Discovery Channel?

Normally I don't watch so called "reality shows". In fact, I hate them. But Out of the Wild is pretty good.

The Discovery Channel show is about 9 volunteers who are dropped deep in the Alaskan interior on the brink of winter. The show is about their attempt to find civilization with nothing more than the clothes and gear on their backs over the course of a month.

Unfortunately I missed the first couple of episodes, but was able to catch up when the cable channel ran a marathon viewing of previous episodes. Right now they're about half-way through their adventure, with 4 participants already having been forced to drop out. The program runs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 EST.

Check it out if you get a chance.

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Justin said...

Jeff -

My wife and I are into this show big time! What a great concept - except, along with the thrill of the episode, each week we sit and wish the entire time we were onboard for the trek!

If you haven't already, check out last year's series -

Instead of a thru hike, the volunteers were asked to make their own way to individual shelters (the group was split into smaller groups) and told to "survive" in the wild with limited resources for three months. Definitely worth looking back on to see the show's progression.

Take a hike,

Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Justin - I totally concur with you. We also watch the show and wish we were in it as well!

Hey, I also saw the show you provided a link for. That was awesome as well.

Two other shows you might like are (if you haven't seen):

Alone in Alaska: This is about one guy who built his own cabin and livelihood by hand in the wilderness. It's on PBS every now and then:

The other is about 4 guys who floated the entire length of the Yukon on a homemade raft several years ago. I saw it on Nat'l Geo a couple of times. That looks like an awesome adventure!

You might like this video as well: