Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Backpacker Tough Guy (and Gal) Challenge

Want to win a guided climb up Mt. Rainier (airfare included!) with International Mountain Guides, including an array of Outdoor Research apparel? All you have to do is prove you're the toughest backpacker out there.

All you have to do to show you're the toughest guy or gal is create a video (no more than five minutes long) to prove it.

Backpacker Magazine has provided some intentionally vague guidelines:

* the toughest backpackers should be able to do things like start a fire with one match

* ascend thousands of feet of trail and mountainside in a day

* treat common first aid mishaps

* find your way out of trouble with a map and compass.

Of course, we each bring something unique to the table too.

Create a video demonstrating your backcountry badassery and upload to YouTube. Send Backpacker Magazine the link by July 15th, 2011 (, and the editors will choose one winner, two second place finishers, and five third place finishers.

For details and rules, please click here.

Good Luck!


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