Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flame Azaleas on Gregory Bald near peak bloom

Tom Harrington, a volunteer for the Great Smoky Mountains, made the trek up to Gregory Bald yesterday to observe the status of the Flame Azalea blooms at the summit.

Here’s his report as posted on the Great Smoky Mountains Association website:

“Blooms very close to peak if not at peak. About 65% of the shrubs are covered with blooms with a few buds. There are a number of shrubs on the side facing Cades Cove that are not blooming yet. White Flame Azaleas have not started blooming yet. Well worth the trip to the bald.”

As noted in the previous post, the Parson Branch Road has been temporarily closed as a result of mud. This will impact anyone wishing to hike the Gregory Bald Trail. Until the road is reopened ("tentatively scheduled to reopen on June 17"), hikers will need to take the Gregory Ridge Trail to reach Gregory Bald.

For more information on hiking the Gregory Ridge Trail to the summit of Gregory Bald, please click here.


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