Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grassy Ridge Mow-Off

This coming weekend (July 16 - 18) is the Grassy Ridge Mow-Off on Roan Mountain.

The Southern Appalachian Highland Conservancy is sponsoring a volunteer weekend to help keep the Roan Highlands bald. You can work all three days, or just one.

Activities include blackberry mowing with heavy-duty weed whackers, cutting of shrubs and small trees with lopping shears and hand saws, and toting cut shrubs away from the mowing or high visibility sites.

The following weekend (July 22 - 24) is the Roany Boyz (& Girlz). This is another opportunity to volunteer on the Roan. The Roany Boyz crew will work on Engine Gap (just over the top of Round Bald). This work trip is also flexible, come for a day or as long as you like! Contact Carol Coffey if you would like to volunteer at

For more information, please click here.

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