Monday, May 16, 2011

CLIF Bar's Meet the Moment

CLIF Bar has launched an exciting new campaign today called Meet the Moment.

Meet the Moment is about supporting the pursuit of athletic adventure, and the lifestyles and communities that come with it. Whether it's action, adventure, or the thrill of the chase, CLIF Bar wants to know how you Meet the Moment.

To take part, all you need to do is upload photos and share your stories on how you Meet the Moment at

As part of the campaign, after creating your first Moment, CLIF Bar will donate $5 to one of five non-profit projects - each one focused on protecting the Places we Play - the places we Meet the Moment. If CLIF Bar collects 10,000 Moments, they'll double the contribution dedicated to each project! And every time you upload a new Moment, you'll have a chance to win your next big adventure - like trekking the Amazon or chasing the Tour de France - it's completely up to you! There will be 3 lucky winners in all.

Additionally, your photos may serve as an inspiration to others and will help to show how much beauty there is among the Places we Play.

The campaign ends on July 31st, and the winners will be selected in September. Donations will be made to the Access Fund, International Mountain Biking Association, Winter Wildlands Alliance, Leave No Trace, and Surfrider. For more information, and to enter, please click here.


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