Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mt. LeConte now has 50 inches of snow!

Doug McFalls, winter caretaker at the LeConte Lodge, is reporting this morning that there are now 50 inches of snow on the ground at the top of Mt. LeConte!

With warmer weather on the way, it looks like this could be the high point this winter for most snow on the ground.

If you haven't been to his site recently, he has some outstanding pictures of some of the winter scenes on the mountain. Please click here to visit his site.

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Smokey said...

I love those shots of Mt.Leconte thanks Jeff ...Man I thought i was in the snow last weekend and then I looked at this ... lol ... Did you see the Stanislaus River and Forest along with the other eastern sierra posts on Smokeysmountain?... We had a blast !

Squirrel Bait said...

I've heard stories about these pictures. We would love to see them but the link keeps saying "this website has not been published."