Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rangers arrest 4 in Big South Fork

Last Friday, rangers in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area arrested four people in possession of a meth lab.

On the afternoon of March 5th, two rangers were patrolling on Worley Road in the Kentucky portion of the park when they came upon a parked car with four people inside. Both doors of the vehicle were open and soft drink cans and trash were on top of and around the vehicle. As the rangers got closer, they could see the occupants of the vehicle beginning to move in their seats. They were leaning forward and making furtive movements with their hands and appeared to be hiding items as they approached.

One of the rangers made contact and identified the foursome. They all appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During a consent search, the ranger found a clear liter plastic bottle in the back seat. The bottle had a cap on it and contained an almost clear liquid with white and metallic flakes in the liquid. The bottom of the bottle had a multi-colored gritty substance in it. This was identified as an active methamphetamine lab (one-pot cook method).

All four were arrested and transported to the federal jail in London, Kentucky. Charges are pending.

It's comforting to know how safe our parks really are.....

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1 comment:

Courtney said...

I'm so happy that the rangers caught them. It always makes me sad to hear of people showing such disrespect to the parks, wildlife, etc. though. If they want to be self-destructive, fine, but they should keep it in their own homes, you know?