Sunday, March 14, 2010

Video: Hike to Hen Wallow Falls

The Great Smoky Mountains Association published their latest Youtube video this week. This time the GSMA takes viewers along a hike to Hen Wallow Falls near the Cosby Campground.

Along for this hike is Steve Kemp, author of several books, and a writer and editor for Great Smoky Mountains Association.

The video explains how the nearly 100-foot Hen Wallow Falls received its name.

Another tidbit that I thought was interesting was learning that Sphagnum moss was used for diapers for infants, and as a last resort, bandages for wounds.

Here's the video:

For more information on hiking to Hen Wallow Falls, please click here.

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JP said...

This is the hike where we had a very close black bear encounter (3 feet). As I understand it, Cosby had lots of bear activity last year, so be careful on this hike. The falls are really beautiful, and the hike is a lot of fun, but be prepared for the bears, the trail narrows and becomes dense in several areas.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

JP - Most of the Smokies saw a lot of bear activity last year. Populations of bears in the Southern Appalachians are/were at record levels last year.

Good advice regarding being prepared....