Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nat Geo Maps on a GPS: the new Active 10 TREK GPS

Earlier this week National Geographic Maps and Satmap Systems announced the launch of the new Active 10 TREK GPS system. The system integrates the best-selling National Geographic outdoor recreation maps with the award-winning Satmap Active 10 handheld GPS unit.

The content offered on the GPS device will include the complete line of National Geographic outdoor recreation maps, including the TOPO! USGS topographic map series, the AdventureMap series of international adventure travel maps, and, for the first time on any GPS, National Geographic’s premier Trails Illustrated series of maps for national parks, national forests and many popular recreation areas. National Geographic maps will be available via SD-Cards, which will plug-and-play into the Active 10 TREK handheld GPS.

The Active 10 TREK comes pre-loaded with World and USA Base Maps. Customers can then buy the National Geographic SD Map Cards that slot into the GPS, making map reading fast and easy. The map is displayed on a large 3.5” screen in full color suitable for day and night use, including a red backlight option to help protect night vision.

The GPS unit also allows users to plot routes, POIs (Points of Interest) and view key statistics such as total ascents, distance, time and speed.

The Active 10 TREK is priced at a very reasonable $369.99, and the National Geographic SD Map Cards cost $99.99 each.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is included on both the Southern Appalachians and the North and South Carolina SD Map Cards.

** Of course if you're old school and enjoy the look and feel of a real map, you can check out the Trails Illustrated series of maps for the Smokies by clicking here.


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