Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airbags.....for cyclists?

Introducing the Hövding! This "stylish" collar actually takes the place of a cycler's helmet, and acts as an airbag that inflates on impact. In the event of a crash, the Hövding deploys itself by inflating an internal airbag in less than one second, covering the head and protecting the skull from injury.

This short video explains the product in a little more detail:

So, for those that don't wear helmets while riding, would you wear one of these? Would you trust them to actually work?

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G3W said...
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Gregg said...

I noticed that the last two examples in the video, likely the more common incidents, do NOT show the helmet inflating. Only the egregious rear-end accident shows the helmet inflating and then after what appears to be a significant delay relative to the cyclists motion.
Doesn't look quite ready for prime time.

Dana Albert said...

What a bizarre concept! I can't decide if it's ingenious, or this is some sort of very clever hoax. Thanks for the post ... if nothing else, I got to see crash-test-dummy cyclists for the first time!