Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Most Intimidating Fans

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, we can now concentrate on the only team sport that really matters - college basketball!

For me, March Madness is the greatest sporting event of the year, especially when you have your own dog in the hunt. Even if my Xavier Musketeers don't make it to the big dance, I still love watching and rooting for all the smaller schools around the country, especially when they knock off NCAA's royalty.

Everyone is familiar with the Duke Cameron Crazies. They have a national reputation for being extreme fans, and can be quite intimidating to oppossing teams. However, they have nothing on the Utah State fans.

Check out these short video clips from the Spectrum, home of the Utah State Aggies. If I were a college basketball player making my first road trip to the Spectrum, I would truly be intimidated by these fans.

This first clip is from a game against Nevada, towards the end as the Wolfpack was about to go down. This is known as the "Winning Team, Losing Team" chant:

The second is the "I Believe" cheer prior to each home game:

And here's Wild Bill:



Matt said...

Great support. I really love the energy of college basketball fans in the this country. It would be great if they could sing straight through the entire game.

We do things a little different in Chicago....



The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Interesting - I'm surprised they were able to get away with what looks like open flames in that first video...