Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfect Substitutes: Pisgah National Forest

For those of you who think the backcountry in the Great Smoky Mountains is just a little too crowded, Backpacker Magazine has a solution. Their alternative? The Pisgah National Forest. In particular, the Middle Prong and Shining Rock Wilderness areas.

The Backpacker article points out that Pisgah has 850 miles of trails, while the Smokies clocks in at around 800. Pisgah also hosts 138 miles of the Appalachian Trail, while the Smokies has only 69.

Pisgah tops out at 6,440-foot Potato Hill; Great Smoky at 6,643-foot Clingmans Dome.

But the real selling point is that Pisgah has far fewer visitors, and less bureaucratic hassles than it's neighbor to the west.

Backpacker also has a few hiking suggestions as well. Just click here to read the article.



Walter Tully said...

The place seems to be good for beginner hikers as well! The slopes are too advanced for beginner hikers here in Denver, Colorado. Recreation centers usually put up a rock-climbing wall but nothing beats the real thing! We'll try hiking on Pisgah when we're near North Carolina!

TandR said...

Let's not forget that Max Patch Meadows is in the area. Of course you have to be careful of pop-up showers and storm out that way.
Of course it's a great place for those with a telescope and a clear night.