Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 essential skills for the backcountry

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine published an article last month that laid out their top ten backcountry skills to keep all of us outdoorzy types safe in just about any situation.

Of course you'll find lots of survival tips out on the internet. However, BRO took a slightly different approach in compiling their list. For example, the article points out that modern boots, with their high arch support, are creating an unnatural posture and stride for hikers and backpackers. This is burning extra calories and creating extra impact on your joints. They suggest that you should start walking normally, then put your fingers in your ears. If you hear the thud of your steps, you’re walking wrong.

The article continues with tips on predicting weather, crossing rivers, reading topo maps and finding potable water, among others.

The article concludes with a section on how to find the four essentials to survival: water, food, heat, and shelter. This includes three rules for eating bugs: only eat bugs with six legs or fewer, eat the bugs that hide from you, and deadfall is your friend.

All in all, there is some great information contained in this article. I highly recommend anyone who spends any time in the wilderness to read this. Please click here for the article.

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