Monday, October 5, 2009

Mt. Collins Shelter Gets a Makeover

Last week I received "The Cub Report", the monthly e-newsletter from the Great Smoky Mountains Association. One of the articles explained that volunteers from Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Appalachian Trail Conference remodel one Smokies trail shelter each year. This year's project was the Mt. Collins Shelter, located on the Sugarland Mountain Trail, just off the Appalachian Trail about half-way between Clingmans Dome and Newfound Gap.

Improvements usually include adding skylights and covered porches with benches for sitting. Shelters that have already had "makeovers" include Davenport Gap, Cosby Knob, Tricorner Knob, Pecks Corner, Silers Bald, Derrick Knob, and Spence Field.

Here's a photo of the Mt. Collins Shelter earlier this summer, before any improvements were made:

I don't have a photo of the improved shelter (I assume the makeover is complete by now), but here's a photo of the rehabbed Davenport Gap Shelter:

A bit of a difference.... By the way, the Mt. Collins Shelter still has a posted bear warning, as it has for quite some time now.

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smoky scout said...

Interestingly, the rehabbed Davenport Gap shelter still has the chain link fencing across its opening. The other rehabbed shelters are open. Al Smith did a great photo gallery of all the shelters a couple of years ago on his "Life After 50" website.

BTW, we passed by the renovated Double Springs Gap shelter last Wednesday - or tried to pass by. There was a bear hanging around there at mid-morning that we could not scare away. We finally had to take a big detour around.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Smoky Scout - you've had more than your share of run-ins with bears this past year. I have never seen a bear while hiking in the Smokies!