Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Missing hiker found

Yesterday I reported that a potential hiker went missing in the Smoky Mountains region. I received an email this morning from Peter Barr stating that the man has been located.

Here's the information that was forwarded to Peter and then onto me:

John was found by the police late last night. I got the news at 1 am. He claims that he told his wife he would not be home till this Friday. His cell phone was dead. I can only say that we know John to be a responsible person who has always stayed in touch and that this has been a radical change in his behavior. Thank goodness he is safe and we really do apologize for any wasted time and resources on your part. Thanks for all your help and concern.

This is all the information I have. Sounds like a communication break-down of some sorts between him and his wife. At this point there is no mention of where he was located or why he went "missing" for two days.

At least he's physically alright.


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