Friday, November 20, 2009

Smokies seeks to fill several Park Ranger positions

The Division of Resource and Visitor Protection at Great Smoky Mountains National Park is seeking to fill multiple GS-9 protection ranger positions.

Rangers are provided with the full spectrum of law enforcement and resource protection activities. With 10 front country campgrounds recording more than 350,000 camper nights annually, 11 picnic areas and a major highway corridor from Gatlinburg to Cherokee, rangers work extensive traffic law enforcement incidents, DUI’s and motor vehicle accidents. Incidents are consistently managed using the incident command system.

The park contains over half a million acres and has 800+ miles of trail including 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Rangers provide resource protection to over 1,500 black bears and a reintroduced elk population. Resource protection patrols focus on threats to poaching of plants and animals and there is an active ginseng marking program which runs annually from May through September.

The division has a dynamic emergency services program which includes park medics and National Registry EMTs. Rangers are trained in technical rescue, search operations and wildland fire. Being a ranger at Great Smoky Mountains is a challenging and rewarding experience. Career development and training opportunities include the field training ranger program (FTR), SETT team assignments, incident management and annual NLTA and TASER training.

There are 10 positions available at this time. Applications for all positions must be received by November 25.

For more information, please click here, or contact Tennessee district ranger Steve Kloster at 865-436-1268 or Cades Cove area supervisor Steve Spanyer at 865-448-4105.

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Jay Dub said...

I would like to get one of these so much. Do you know if one must already be a law enforcer or have law enforcement training?

Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Jay - I'm pretty sure that in the past that you already had to be in law enforcement to be eligible. I don't know if that requirement is still in place at this point.

Either way, you should still go for it. You never know how many candidates will apply for these positions.


Jay Dub said...

Wonder if they ever got these filled...